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GTO hotels experience - Vista di Capri Sky Bar

Here at Sky Bar Vista di Capri we have a passion for details, and it looks like our bartender shares our same obsession.
I mean, look at that drink!

GTO hotels experience - Vista di Capri Sky Bar

Prosecco, elderflower, seltz, mint and a bit of our bartender’s passion. This is our Hugo, the perfect Italian drink to taste at the sunset. This and much more at Vista di Capri Sky Bar, an explosion of fragrances and flavours in one of the best location in Capri.

GTO hotels experience - Karma Cruise

A day aboard Karma is all about discovering Costiera Amalfitana. And relaxing, of course. Bring your best hat, our Staff will take care of the rest.
And yes, you can plan a multi-days cruise: contact us to know more.

GTO hotels experience - Vista di Capri Sky Bar

The Hotel Vista di Capri’s Sky bar is open every weekend since 7:00 p.m.
Get your table and enjoy a perfect evening.

GTO hotels experience - Maya Beach Experience

We are excited to show you a small part of our ambitious Maya beach Experience project realized by local artists and young designers.

GTO hotels experience - Atlantic

An innovative idea of elegant and modern design harmoniously combined with the goal of making the stay of our guests special.

GTO hotels experience - Karma Yatch

It’s always the right time for a toast aboard our Karma Yacht along the Amalfi Coast.

GTO hotels experience - Vista di Capri

Welcome to Hotel Vista di Capri: roam peacefully through a private olive grove ripe with Mediterranean culture.

GTO hotels experience - Karma Yatch

We are introducing GTO’s Karma Yacht: meticulous attention to detail for an unforgettable adventure.


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