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About us

The story of the group began with Ciro Giglio, who started from a young age, in a humble and patient way to work in the travel field. Year after year, Ciro gained experience, ability and knowledge in the sector until he boldly decided to start his own business in 1962.

His growing number of customers gave him the strength to acquire his first hotel. His son Francesco Giglio, since he was a boy, had the opportunity to grow in the sector following in the footsteps of his father and inheriting the same passion.

The company has started to grow year after year as their intent to build a strong brand. Their goals and their unstoppable passion have been the right keys to believe in this ambitious project. Over the past ten years, the family has fulfilled its dream of creating a chain of luxury hotels and of introducing an All Inclusive holiday concept, unique in the Sorrento Coast.


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